USPS Nightmare

Nearly two weeks ago, my mother mailed out a box for me, containing snacks, Halloween decorations, a pair of my heels, and most importantly, my video camera and a ring I had ordered from Etsy. Because of this, the box was insured for $200. I expected to get it within a week, as is usual when getting a box from my mother.

Oh how I was wrong.

After the first week, my mom gave me the tracking number to see where it was. And where did it end up? NEW JERSEY. It was bouncing back and forth between the facility in New Jersey and Connecticut. Obviously my mother had written the zipcode incorrectly on the box, which just so happened to be the zipcode of Danbury, Connecticut. For five days it bounced back and forth. You think someone would’ve realized that that box was out of place if it just kept coming back to them.


Three phone calls to USPS later, I finally get the box down to Puerto Rico. But for some reason, it took another THREE days for it to make it from the facility in Cataño. Like… as if I wasn’t stressed out about the box being damaged already.

Luckily it finally made it here to Mayaguez after nearly two weeks of being MIA. The ring is perfect, my video camera is safe, and the goodies are all tucked away. The Wheat Thins are a bit crushed, but still delicious.

Next time, I’m making my mom print off labels to put on the box.



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