Hospital Nightmare

I really should start a nightmare series… I seem to go through them often enough.

I should start out with the fact that I’m fine and Jon’s fine. This wasn’t an emergency visit. It was past 5pm, most doctors offices were closed, and he had a fever to go along with this nasty sickness of his. So, since we missed the student clinic by 5 minutes, we were forced to go to the hospital to get him a prescription for whatever it is he has.

Get there, sign in. Wait. An hour. They check him in. Another hour. They take his vitals, paperwork, whatever. Hour and a half. He’s seen by a doctor. Mind you, at this point it’s around 9pm. We have a Biology exam in the morning that we’ve barely studied  for. Since there’s no Wi-Fi, I can’t really access a lot to do with the presentations, so we’re stuck with what I have. Another hour just for him to get a tiny IV drip of antibiotics.

Seriously, it was around 10pm by the time they took him into the room and got the needle in him. He hated that. We both thought they meant a shot shot, not a needle drip. After 15 minutes it’s done. But he moved his hand in a weird way and blood came out of the pick line in his hand a bit. For those of you who have gone though this before, you know this is normal. Well, come to  find out, Jon is extremely squeemish with his own blood. And when I say squeemish, I mean he nearly turned green and was begging for water and saying that he would feel better if he just threw up, asking me to get a nurse.

Luckily we got out of there a few minutes before 11am, headed to McDonald’s, the only place open so late since we hadn’t eaten since the morning and we were starving, ate, and now he’s passed out next to me on the couch while I’m writing this, finishing my Coke. We’re both waking up early in the morning to study for our exam. And what’s our Bio exam on?

The immune system.



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