Sick in San Juan

Well, looks like Jon got me sick. And it’s a doozy. Whatever it is, cold, mild flu, generic sinus infection, is kicking my butt. Luckily I caught it day one and immediately went to the doctors on campus and got two prescriptions, one of which I know for a fact works for me. I’m on day three of five for meds right now, so hopefully by the end of this I’ll start to feel a heck of a lot better.

Yesterday, despite me feeling like poop we decided to stick with our plans of taking the 3 hour trip to San Juan. We walked around a bit, got piña coladas from the supposed birth place of said drink, and walked to El Morro, the gigantic fortress that sits on San Juan’s northern most tip. Just as it started to rain. We were forced into the porch of the local arts college where it rained for a good half hour before we could escape down the streets to our car.

We split for Outback, telling the city we’d be back when the weather was nice, and had a lovely late lunch. I must say, Outback has downsized their portion without downsizing their prices. I was a bit disappointed. We then proceeded to Plaza Las Americas to do some window shopping and in the end, walked away with a sweet shirt and a spiked hat.

More has happened since last night, but that’s for another post.



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