Broken Windows

Remember how I said more had transpired during the writing of the last post? Well, now seems as good a time as ever to fill you all in.

Sometime last night, while we were asleep, someone broke the driver’s side window of Jon’s car, popped the hood, and stole the battery. We had planned on doing laundry today but the entire ordeal of having to deal with the police and whatnot drained us and we spent today being lazy. It’s got him so frazzled that we’re looking for a new place to live, because who’s to say that once he gets a new battery they won’t just come back and steal the newer one, especially now that they know what his car looks like and where it parks. What has me especially freaked out is on our parking spot it clearly states which apartment we live in. Mind you, I have a steel door and iron gate, but still. It unnerves me to know that someone who could do such a thing knows where I live. And the worst thing is this is the second time this week that a window has been smashed in our parking lot.

We’re currently in the search for a new apartment and are going to take a look at one up in the mountains tomorrow. As much as I love this place, and I’ve gotten so fond of it, I realize that it’s best we moved before something worse happens. The place we’re going to look at tomorrow, from the pictures, seems really nice. It’s a studio place up in the mountains, so it’ll be further removed from the city. Hopefully our search will come up with something both affordable and nice. I guess time will tell.




    1. Hopefully. Jon noticed that there was glass in the street a block away, so it seems that it’s a string of these car break-ins. Hopefully they do get the guy[s].

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