Coming to a Close

Only six days left here. I’ve slowly whittled down my work to only three/four things left: my research paper, my biology exam, and my American Novel charts and exam. Once those are all done by the 14th, I’ll be free to sleep, watch television, and internet to my hearts content. I think getting my British Literature exam done raised a great weight off my shoulders. I don’t know why, but that seemed to be one of two things that have been worrying me the most this finals week. That and the research paper, but I now have so much more time to focus on that instead of worrying about all the other things that are due.

In six days, Jon and I fly off this little island and head to Virginia where it’s snowing and cold and I can wear long sleeves and boots. I’m really excited. I’ve missed home a great deal this semester. I’m ready for school to be over with so I can go back home for more than two or three weeks at a time. Jon and I have discussed this and we’re going to stay in Fredericksburg once we’ve graduated and moved off the island, at least until we find work elsewhere, if we find work elsewhere.

Speaking of, though it’s just a pipedream at this point, we’ve been talking about where we want to go and teach. I still want to do the JET Programme after college and gain some teaching experience, but ultimately I don’t think I want to stay in Asia. I would really love to move to Europe. I’ve been looking into teaching in the UK and Norway/Sweden/Denmark (from here on will be refered to as Scandinavia for times sake). It will be rough, but I really loved Scotland and I know I would love Northern England, and I’m fascinated by Scandinavia.

We shall see.



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