Sorry for the Loss of Time

It’s been a very hectic month, to say the least.

Jon and I spent three weeks in my hometown of Fredericksburg, VA for winter break. We barely spent any time at home since I was taking him out and about to see the sights and enjoying the cold weather. He was absolutely thrilled with it. It was his first Christmas, which was exciting, and, at the start of January, his first snow. Too bad we didn’t take pictures, because a picture (or video) of him rolling around in the snow would’ve been the cutest thing to show off to future children to embarrass him.

Now that we’re both back in Puerto Rico, we had maybe a week to relax and not do a damn thing before we jumped in feet-first to this semester. It’s only been two weeks and I’m already exhausted. I’m pulling 21 credits (aka seven classes) this semester and it kinda sucks. Luckily they aren’t too early in the morning, but I get out around 6pm every day except Fridays. So basically, I have very little time to myself before I have to start the whole process over again.

While on break, more specifically during the lazy week here in PR, Jon and I were discussing our future prospects once we graduate. He has one more semester after this one while I have two. We do plan on applying to the JET Programme and we recently learned that starting next year, the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program is coming to UPRM to look for candidates. So we’ve decided that, since we know one of the recruiters, we’re hoping he’ll put in a good word for us to 1) stay together, but also 2) go to Norway together. I’ve slowly grown to love Norway and the Norwegian language and would love to go there either for a little while or move there for a few years. Either way, those are two of our options, among many. I just asked my mom to put me in touch with a teacher from my old school who travels the world with his wife to teach so I can pick their brain about the organization they work for, etc.

All in all, I want the next year and a half of my life to fly by so I have that diploma in one hand and a passport in the other, ready to move on to the next country.



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