Troubles in a Tropical Paradise

No no, Jon and I are still perfectly happy. I’m talking about the troubles I’m having with Puerto Rico, especially UPRM. So about a week ago I met with my academic advisor, one of my professors who is absolutely amazing and somehow deals with all my shit. We sat down with an updated transcript to evaluate how many credits I have and how many more I need. We did the math wrong. It turns out that the University isn’t accepting nearly 40 credits that I transfered in with. I had 60 and they’re only accepting 21. 21! That’s ridiculous! So on top of the two additional semesters I was looking at originally, add another semester or two on top of that. And to imagine, I’m already a 5th year senior! This is getting awful.

So I’ve been exploring my option of transfering back to the University of Mary Washington, my home college. I’ve been in talks with people there who are working to make sure that the credits I have here will transfer to equivalents there, meaning I’ll probably only have a semester, two at most, until I graduate. And that’s all I really want is to graduate. I want to be done with school so bad.

Yes, that means that Jon and I would be separated for a semester. And it blows, it really does. I don’t want to leave him after I’ve gotten so used to having him around 24/7. But at this point I don’t really have a choice. Luckily Skype is a thing and I hope that he’ll work at camp with me and if not, he’ll come up to VA for another Christmas break. It’s going to be a tough road ahead, but we’ll manage.

Oh, and in the meantime, Valentine’s Day. I got him a little pink unicorn (he loves pink unicorns) and he got me one of those Funko Pop! Belle figurines and Belle perfume. And tomorrow we’re going to one of the bioluminescent bays on the island for the actual celebration of Valentine’s Day. Super excited! I’ll report later on the magical adventure.




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