Dealing with Illness

As many will probably notice, I seem to get sick rather often. Usually it’s nothing bad; a sinus infection here, upset stomach there. But for the past four/five days I’ve been dealing with the worst yet. I’ve never felt this bad. Horrendous bloating that causes sharp pain whenever I move plus a fever, muscle aches, etc. I’ve been confined to the couch watching Supernatural for days, barely leaving my apartment except to seek medical help and get my prescriptions.

And I’ll tell you, this is only the second time I’ve gotten something this bad. The first time was 2010/2011 when I caught swine flu. Not fun.

The bloating hurts a lot but it’s gone down, but it’s the achiness, the headaches, and the general shitty feeling that comes with a 100+ fever that is the worst. It takes me so much fidgeting to fall asleep because nothing is comfortable.

Seriously, I haven’t had a decent break for over two weeks. Why me?

Jon had a great idea for treatment that I wish was an actual thing. While we were in the clinic the first time on Saturday night, he joked that it would be awesome if they came back, took me to a secret room filled with puppies, and my treatment was 1000 puppy kisses. People, WHY ISN’T THIS A THING?

Do you know how many people would be down for that? Just lay in a room full of adorable puppies to love on you to make you feel better. Hell, even if it isn’t a medical treatment it should still be a thing to make patients feel better. If college campuses are getting puppy rooms for stressed college kids during finals, why don’t hospitals do it for sad patients? Puppies are the cure for everything.

Someone please bring me a cute fluffy thing soon. I want animal kisses.



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