“White” Demonization

Disclaimer: I understand white privilege and white feminism are obviously a thing and and I don’t deny that in the least. I’M MERELY STATING THAT THE DAMN NAME SHOULD BE CHANGED. PLEASE LEARN TO READ CAREFULLY.

Before going to school this morning (yes, I’m feeling better, thank you), I found a post on Tumblr quoting an article from BattyMamzelle stating that says, ” I see ‘white feminism’ as… the feminism obsessed with body hair, and high heels and makeup, and changing your married name. It is the feminism you probably first learned. “White feminism” is the feminism that doesn’t understand western privilege, or cultural context. It is the feminism that doesn’t consider race as a factor in the struggle for equality.” And for clarification (thank you negative commentor for insulting me when you didn’t even read the original blog post), Batty even makes a nifty venn diagram that shows that within the “white feminist” circle can be not only white females but also males of all color and women of color. Yes, even women of color can be considered “white feminists”. So please, before you start spewing hate at me for my opinion, please go read my source. I digress.

Well. OK then. So obviously only white people and those who follow these rules are bad people. And the author goes on to say that if you don’t fit the bill, you shouldn’t be offended.

But how can I not be? Just because I don’t do the horrendous things she describes in the article, nor do I care for makeup and fashion but rather bigger issues that actually matter, by using the term “white” as a negative connotation where the word “western” could easily have been used is an absolute insult. Because I’m white and you decide to call it “white feminism”, you’re giving others the right to discriminate against me because of my skin color. And aren’t we trying to move away from racism? Or is racism towards white people now totally OK because of the atrocities of our ancestors? I thought racism was something that needed to be erradicated completely, not shifted from one race to another.

Lately everyone’s been getting their panties in a twist by blaming all white people for problems. And yes, those that actualy have power end up being white and end up causing the worst attrocities. In the Western World. But are white people fucking up South American politics? Asian economies? Y’know, the non-English speaking countries? No. They have their own problems involving their own races.

Which speaking of, once upon a time, race was looked upon as a bad thing to talk about. Now, by using the terms “white feminism” to describe something bad, we’re only further perpetuation that all our races are so different that we’re not even the same damn species anymore. We’ve literally taken a step back a century.

Isn’t it enough to just be the “human race”? That “white feminism” be called “western feminism”? Because when the word “white” is tacked onto anything nowadays, people automatically assume that it’s going to be a bad thing. “White privilage” is not exactly a good thing.

I’m just so sick and tired of this massive rift between white women and women of color. I understand that the first is different than the latter, but even between women of color they’re different. African women are not the same as Hispanic women are not the same as Asian women. So why should they also be lumped together and lose their identity? To fight against the white women? It seems asinine that they lose who they are to prove a point.

Having lived in a non-white country for two years, I’ve faced my share of racism just for being white. When trying to defend myself, I’ve been laughed at because heaven forbid I stand up for white people even just a little. Not all white people are or were bad. A few have given the many a horrendous reputation that we are never going to scrub clean and the rest of us are paying the price for it. Outside of English speaking countries, I will always be looked down upon. And though I expected it, I don’t think I expected this magnitude where those I thought were friends fight me tooth and nail about the issues when they can’t even begin to understand my side, nor can I understand theirs.

And that’s why there shouldn’t be a rift between races. We’re all human and should treat each other as such. Forget skin color because this is becoming a war we’re all going to lose and I’m sick of the heartache over it.


P.S. Because of the comments I’ve been getting, I felt the need to make a reply in this post. Read it before you leave a comment and understand what you obviously can’t in this post. If it’s still unclear, leave. I will not put up with nonsense on this blog regarding this issue.


One comment

  1. I totally agree with you that women on color and colored feminists should not be demeaning white feminism or white feminists. However, I do think white feminism tends to forget that it has had a edge within the history of feminism to exclude and be very derogatory towards women of color and more than often not allowed women of color and colored feminists to speak for their selves I suggest that to better understand what I mean, please if you can do go through my post here at http://saadiahaq.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/my-problem-with-the-privileged-white-feminists/
    Thank youu and I hope to have future discussion with you. All the best.

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