I’m Going Home

I fly home in three days. That’s amazing to me. I’m really excited yet I’m also apprehensive and I have this weird, mixed feeling about leaving the island for good. I don’t think it’s officially sunk in that I’m not coming back, not for a long time, maybe not ever. I have no idea.

Jon will be coming with me since he also got a job at Nature Camp, so at least I’ll have company for those flights. Our first stop is in Atlanta before we grab a connecting flight to Dulles in D.C. But luckily there are no massive layovers this time. About an hour and half at most.

On another note, I hate moving. So much to pack, we have to close the electric account and internet one (both of which are a pain to do), and move whatever Jon’s going to keep to his apartment tomorrow. It’s a lot to do in a short amount of time. Hopefully I won’t be doing this much overseas moving again for a very long time.

I’ll update again once we’re back in Virginia.



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