Leaving for Camp

In less than four days, Jon and I will make the two and a half hour trek to the Appalachians, outside a small town called Vesuvius, VA where we will spend the next two and a half months working at the most wonderful place.

Nature Camp was a second home to me for six years before I started college and could no longer go back. Last summer I was lucky enough to land a job working as a counselor there and had a blast, learning so much about nature, myself, and how to work with kids. I’m really glad that Jon will have the same opportunity.

I won’t put here what I’ll be teaching this summer, but I will say that I’m very excited for my role. And for once, I’m packed early and have severly limited my clothes. So there’s also that.

I might be able to make an update after I get to camp, but it probably won’t be for a while. Besides, this summer will be spent not only working, but working on my story/novel, preparing for my final semester in college, and generally enjoying my summer. Social media will take a back seat for me.

If anyone wants to really get a hold of me, emails will be the best.



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