Back at Disney

Sorry for the ridiculous hiatus. I was super busy with finishing up college (I’m officially graduated!) and moving down to Disney for my second Disney College Program. I’m very excited for this time around. I’m going to be working Attractions in EPCOT Future World West. No idea what ride(s) yet, but I’ll find out on Tuesday. I have Traditions, our introduction to the Disney company, on Friday, which means I’ll get my ID that day so I can get into the parks for free. I can’t wait!

This time around I’m living in Vista Way, the infamous apartment complex. If you’ve seen Sw00zie’s videos “Confessions of a Disney Employee”, you’ll recognize it. It’s not nearly as nice as Patterson, but I love my roomies and I wouldn’t switch for the world. They’re all wonderful girls and I’m super excited for what this semester is going to bring. We do have one random girl coming in tomorrow, we think, since our last roomie bailed last minute without telling us. So we’re anxious about who she’s going to be.

Jon was with me for a month visiting for Christmas break. It was so nice to see him again. I missed him so much. Sadly he’s already back in Puerto Rico for his last semester of college and I miss him dearly, but we both know this is hopefully the last time we’ll have to spend this long apart ever again. Plus, once he’s done, he should be coming up to Orlando for his own Disney College Program. It was a tearful farewell, but we’re doing alright. Having one semester apart under our belts makes this a bit easier.

I’ll update once there’s more to update on, like which ride I’ll be working at and anything else. Have a magical day!



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