When I don’t know where to put posts, they’ll fall here.

I Suck

Our bedroom

At updating, that is. I never seem to be able to remember to write much.

It’s been a while and a lot has changed. A looooot. Sean and I have moved to Colorado. We got here about a week ago and have just about finished unpacking and putting everything in it’s place. Never knew we had so much stuff. But we now have curtains, desks, bookshelves. Real adult shit. Though we’re still pretty sure we’re just five year olds trying to adult.

I now work at the Boys and Girl’s Club as a Tech Specialist. It’s really fun, though the kids can sometimes be a little, well… rowdy. Yeah, let’s go with that word. It’s not like teaching where you have a lot of control over them. In that respect it’s so much different than teaching at Nature Camp. But in a lot of ways, it’s the same. It’s only been one week on the job and I’m slowly getting used to it and gaining their respect.

I’m waiting for the downtown library to let me know that my background check came back, because I’ll be working part time there, too. Hopefully I’ll be pursuing my Master’s in Library Science so I can work there full time. Honestly, that’s my dream job right there. Librarian. I’ve always wanted to be one. Books are my favorite things and I can’t imagine a place I’d be happier. But it’ll take some work, time, and definitely money. I’m not looking forward to an increase in my loans.

We found roommates who are absolutely wonderful people. Morgan is sweet and cooks for us just about every night and Chris is just an all around awesome dude. I’m really happy we found them and they found us.

I’ll probably update with more pictures once I have them. But right now I must off to work. Toodles.


The Road Goes Ever On and On

Looks like together Jon and I are going on a daring adventure. One filled with danger and trepidation, excitement and… ah, who am I kidding?

We’re going to start Youtubing!

Surprisingly Youtube has it’s own series of videos and a playbook to help newcomers start a channel and all that. So we’re going to start reading up and watching those videos and hopefully get into it soon enough.

Thinking about it, we might even pull a vlogbrothers type deal if I do end up moving back to Virginia for a semester, using YouTube as a way to keep in touch.

So while he plays Call of Duty, I’m reading over the playbook trying to figure out how best we’re going to do this. Whether we’re going to have a joint channel or two separate channels or both (most likely both since I already have a standalone channel). It’ll be an interesting journey for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates later on.