The Long Road Ahead

So much has happened in the last few months.

During my DCP, I was working at Living With the Land, a small boat ride in EPCOT right next to Soarin’ (a ride which I now both hate and love thanks to the constant questions regarding said ride). I love the people I worked with there and I’m gonna miss them when I finally move in two weeks.

Where am I going, you ask? Star Tours! I am officially a part time employee of Walt Disney World Resort and am going to be working the most awesome galactic tour in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I start training on the 14th of June and couldn’t be any more excited. My inner geek is flippin’ out!

But I’m also moving physically. I have an apartment in Clermont that I’m moving into tomorrow with a wonderful girl named Meghan. We each get our own room and bathroom, so it’s much nicer than my stint at Vista, which ended up being one of the worst apartment experiences I’ve had, short of my freshman year of college.

Other big changes have happened in my life. Jon and I are no longer dating. We’re still very good friends and he’s flying down tomorrow night to start his own college program. I’m going to help him as best I can, but it doesn’t seem like our future is going to intertwine like we thought it would. But who knows what the future holds? Right now, I’m focusing on finding a second part-time job to help pay for rent and bills (and stupid student loans), working towards losing weight and toning up because I’m giving myself one year to get where I want to be physically so I can go for my personal trainer certification around this time 2016. After that, I’ll be able to move wherever I want to, preferably somewhere colder, so I can start planning for the future.

I’ll try and keep this more updated. It’s just been a very hectic year so far.


Back at Disney

Sorry for the ridiculous hiatus. I was super busy with finishing up college (I’m officially graduated!) and moving down to Disney for my second Disney College Program. I’m very excited for this time around. I’m going to be working Attractions in EPCOT Future World West. No idea what ride(s) yet, but I’ll find out on Tuesday. I have Traditions, our introduction to the Disney company, on Friday, which means I’ll get my ID that day so I can get into the parks for free. I can’t wait!

This time around I’m living in Vista Way, the infamous apartment complex. If you’ve seen Sw00zie’s videos “Confessions of a Disney Employee”, you’ll recognize it. It’s not nearly as nice as Patterson, but I love my roomies and I wouldn’t switch for the world. They’re all wonderful girls and I’m super excited for what this semester is going to bring. We do have one random girl coming in tomorrow, we think, since our last roomie bailed last minute without telling us. So we’re anxious about who she’s going to be.

Jon was with me for a month visiting for Christmas break. It was so nice to see him again. I missed him so much. Sadly he’s already back in Puerto Rico for his last semester of college and I miss him dearly, but we both know this is hopefully the last time we’ll have to spend this long apart ever again. Plus, once he’s done, he should be coming up to Orlando for his own Disney College Program. It was a tearful farewell, but we’re doing alright. Having one semester apart under our belts makes this a bit easier.

I’ll update once there’s more to update on, like which ride I’ll be working at and anything else. Have a magical day!


The Road Goes Ever On and On

Looks like together Jon and I are going on a daring adventure. One filled with danger and trepidation, excitement and… ah, who am I kidding?

We’re going to start Youtubing!

Surprisingly Youtube has it’s own series of videos and a playbook to help newcomers start a channel and all that. So we’re going to start reading up and watching those videos and hopefully get into it soon enough.

Thinking about it, we might even pull a vlogbrothers type deal if I do end up moving back to Virginia for a semester, using YouTube as a way to keep in touch.

So while he plays Call of Duty, I’m reading over the playbook trying to figure out how best we’re going to do this. Whether we’re going to have a joint channel or two separate channels or both (most likely both since I already have a standalone channel). It’ll be an interesting journey for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates later on.